World Slimmest Smartphone

Do you think that Alcatel could make a ‘splash’ with releasing their ONE touch idol? In early 2013, Alcatel announced the new Smartphone. You can continue reading and find out more about what is new on the mobile market. Some people do not agree about its description as a World slimmest. Do you think this is the smallest and lightest Smartphone ever? Did Alcatel really pass all mobile manufactures this time?


  The leading global designer and manufacturer of Alcatel One Touch announced the launching the world slimmest Smartphone. Perhaps, many of you expected this. Alcatel always provide slimmest and long mobile devices, and many people enjoy their ‘big screen’. The name of the new slimmest Smartphone is Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra. With this new mobile, they are planning to launch things to the next level. With 8MP camera that captures 1080p video, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, and stunning 4.7’’ HD AMOLED display they will definitely capture the World. The ONE TOUCH Idol also known as the lightest mobile phone witch weights for about 110 grams (3.88 oz). This phone will represent breakthrough in technology. The Idol also introduces new creative tools for personal expression and productivity.

The 5’’ HD Smartphone is first to debut the new Media Tek MT6589 quad-core chipset, providing faster internet performance, smoother user-experience to simultaneously run-power hungry apps & games, along with premium multimedia and graphics capitabilities. In addition, the colors are bright and vivid, for a little oversaturated. It is bright too and the most important perfectly visible in sunny day. The One Touch Idol comes with 4GB of internal storage, enough for you to have the most important apps on. There are five metallic color options available: pink, dark grey, red, blue, and green.


They also used a layer of scratch-resistant Dragon Trail glass for its ONE TOUCH IDOL, covered with oleo phobic coating to prevent fingerprints from sticking to it. Moreover, how great is that? The screen has also wide viewing  angles, which is really great while searching the web and using app. With Alcatel One Touch Idol, you can have a better and larger view of Mix Phones, and you can always stay tune with our news. About this new Smartphone, we found out some good and bad comments. Many people did not like where the shut down button was place, which is at the top and not so reachable, then some say that is it too large. Nevertheless, there are those who only give positive and great comments about this new touch mobile. With this line, Alcatel will definitely change people’s perceptions about Smart phones.

For twenty years now, the Alcatel brand has brought consistent innovation to customers and The ONE TOUCH Smartphone product line is leveraging on that expertise bringing unique products, priced to be accessible to all. We have no doubts at all that Alcatel will make changes in technology life. Moreover, their change always leads to better experience. Get your new Alcatel One Touch Idol and enjoy having the World Slimmest Smartphone.

Posted on: May 29, 2016, by : info