How to choose the best Infinix phone accessories in Kenya

It is true that you may use a phone for more than a year, but it is also true that the charger, cable, earphones and such items that you will be using by the end of that year are not going to be the same you bought your phone with. They are prone to break down at some point; I don’t know why that happens. Most of the times, we walk in the Kenyan streets and often meet with people selling substandard accessories such as earphones and chargers not giving it much scrutiny.  This is not to say that they may not be good for our Smartphone, it is just that the quality may not be equal to what our phones may demand. Infinix phone users are also in the category of people who have to look for options of phone accessories. If you want earphones to use earphones urgently, and you don’t have a lot of money at the moment, you can opt to go for the cheaper stuff. Though this option will at some point fail you and your Smartphone as it will only serve you for a very short while.  Let us take a look at what options you and your Infinix smartphone have in Kenya when it comes to phone accessories.

Screen protectors

Screen Protector

To begin with, your Infinix smartphone will need a screen protector. If you are busy Kenyan that always put your keys in the pocket and other things that subject your screen to scratches, you need a glass protector. This is what will keep that screen looking as good as new. I have come across smartphones whose screens look like they are advertising the Spiderman movie. Others have too many scratches on them making their phones undesirable. A smartphone does not get beauty from the shape alone but also how the screen is. After all, even your Infinix phone has a large percent of its body made of the screen. In Kenya, you can get a screen protector at an affordable price in most cities. There are various screen protectors that you can choose for your phone ranging from clear ones that are not made of glass and those that are made of glass. The best for a smartphone is that which is made of glass as it does not only keep your screen looking new but prevents it from breaking. With the glass protector, your coins, and keys can co-exist peacefully in the same location without you having to worry. If you don’t have one, makes sure that you get one soonest possible to keep that phone looking really good.



The next thing that you need close to your phone is your earphones or headphones. If your phone was a new one from the shop, then it came with earphones that have probably not lasted you long enough. They will not even go for six months because of the frequency of use. So you are left with an Infinix phone that does not give you the privilege of having some privacy in the music that you listen to. This does not work well with people who enjoy living in their bubble with the smartphone as their companion. Cheap earphones will give you low-quality music that will make you loathe your phone. If your earphone are giving you trouble, then you need to buy others that are better, the more expensive the earphones, the better the quality. There are known brands of earphones such as Sony that will give you quality sounds and will last longer. This is the same case with headphones; you better save money and be able to get a great set that will not let you down. Poor quality ones will always take you to the shop often to buy once they are damaged as they don’t give service that will last for long. I believe that you will enjoy your smartphone experience if you have accessories that are equally smart



So one day I forget my charger at a friend’s place, and had to borrow one from a friend. I charged for the whole night and in the morning it was still not fully charged. You can guess the look on my face after not spending time on the phone the whole night. Of course, my battery capacity is 3000mAh, and it requires a more powerful charger to charge it fully in a short span of time.

Kenyans need to have phone chargers that give them the service at a faster rate. No one has the time to stay for more than seven hours waiting for your phone to be fully charged. There is so much that you can do with your smartphone in the seven hours that it may take to charge using a charger not made specifically for your battery capacity. Infinix phones come with battery capacities that are quite large and need chargers with similar capabilities to perform the charging function. To get a good charger for your smartphone, you can visit shops that sell the Infinix smartphones anywhere in Kenya and request for a charger that is suitable for your phone. Having more than one charger is not a crime, as a matter of fact, it is to your advantage if you decide to travel, and you need to carry one. Kenya is one of the developing nations, and there are parts of the country that do not have the privilege of having electricity. When visiting such places, you may choose to buy a phone charger which is solar powered. Thus, electricity is not a hindrance to your smartphone usage even in such areas.

Power banks

Power banks

How can we talk about chargers and fail to talk about power banks? These gadgets have saved the lives of most Kenyans that are almost inseparable with their smartphones. Imagine a situation where there is black out for more than a single day and your phone shuts down; this is the worst scenario ever. Almost every one of us has found ourselves in such a situation, and the only thing that you can do is stare at you Infinix phone as you hope and pray that the lights will come back very soon. With the introduction of power banks, you no longer have to worry about your phone. You can buy one that has a high capacity. I prefer having one that is more than 10000mAh; this capacity can charge your phone over two times for Kenyans whose phone has a capacity of over 4000mAh. It can charge your phone more if your capacity is lower than that. This good news translates to being on with your phone all the time; this is the kind of news that we want when it comes to our phones.

Infinix smartphone covers

Infinix covers

Now you have a phone of your dream and after some time, you realize that it is not as exciting as it was when it was new. Various customized Infinix covers are ideal and stay real to the Kenyan spirit. They come in different patterns and art that is truly Kenyan and make your phone look just like you would want it to. For Infinix phones, there are various ranges of covers to choose from; the good thing is that the smartphone covers around make your phone look new. You may choose to change the cover from time to time to what best fits you. This is a very good idea as most of us want our phones to match with the clothes that we have put on. There is a lot of creativity when it comes to smartphone covers and it is an industry that has put most people on business. Now you know that you don’t have to have the same old look on your smartphone, there is a lot that you can play with to keep your look as smart as possible. Now you know, don’t be the person that sticks with the same old phone with the same colors from day to day. You can change your look to what best suits you.


We are glad to live in an era where we are allowed to make choices and mistakes with the gadgets that we own. Gone are the days when a phone in Kenya was the most valued commodity that even touching it was a problem. Now, over 80% of the Kenyan adult population own a smartphone and better still they can customize their phones to what fits their style, color etc. it is the age of freedom that has given us all these privileges that can take us a thousand miles to places where we could not be able to go to initially. More to this their accessories are readily available, and they work well with the Infinix smartphone. Something about this phone is the fact that it is not complicated and easy use with accessories that are not even from that company; well this is great news to our ears.